Divorce Lawyer Serving Hickory, Morganton & Lenoir, NC

At our law offices, we can provide a wide variety of family law services to cover any of the needs our clients may have. For instance, we can act as a divorce lawyer if you are in need of one. When you are facing tricky decisions brought about by a separation or a potential divorce, we strive to protect you financially and emotionally as we understand how difficult a divorce can be for all parties involved especially when issues like child custody, support, domestic violence, alimony and property division are brought to the surface during the separation. By hiring us for your case, we will do our best to resolve it in a way that provides you with the best result.
Our attorney works on child custody cases as well. We can assist in navigating the tricky legal system to fight for you and your family. When it comes to cases involving child support and medical coverage, we help in the establishment and modification of court orders that require a parent to provide health insurance and child support. We aim to bring families together through adoption, no matter the adoption type. In the case of a biological parent not consenting with the adoption, it may be required to take an action to terminate the rights of the biological parent. No matter the issue, we will represent your case to the fullest of our abilities.
Protect Your Family —Divorce Attorney in Morganton, NC
If you are a custodian of a child seeking custody, we will help you navigate the court system and provide much-needed advice. Emergency custody hearings can occur in a situation where bodily harm is a danger. If you are wrongly accused of this, we can provide defense. We also help with child abuse and neglect cases, which can occur if you have been accused of such. If this report is frivolous, legal counsel can be provided to help protect your rights and the rights of your family. Our law offices can even help you with a domestic violence case by helping victims obtain a restraining order or 50(b) order.